I refuse to settle for less!

Words to Love by...❤️ Beg for understanding!

Do you need help? Are you frustrated with where Life is taking you??? When it’s just you... Is there a deep yearning inside you that says... Is this it? Isn’t there more? Couldn’t my days matter for something other than just getting through another day? ✅ ✅ 🤮

Have you bought into the ideology of... “If it is to be... its up to me!” “New Year... New Me.” ...Again “Be the best version of yourself!”🤩😍🙃

We keep buying the worlds solutions... people who claim they have figured out the plan, the solution, the answer... and then as you get to know some of those people... on the inside you find, many are still searching!!!🙃😜🤪

I am a coach, I have lived my life learning and growing and teaching and training... since I was in high school this Call was on me. I spend 2 minutes with someone that I just met and they are pouring their life out to me saying... I never do this. I don’t share my journey, write, teach, train, speak, coach, create, design, lead... because I’m strong!!! I do it because I’m weak!💞

I am the first one to tell you. I am not the answer! I just have access to the One who is and you can to! I teach and I lead and I share because it keeps me in this Word! Begging for understanding, seeking truth, understanding the puzzles of life, finding peace in the strom, desiring to love without expectation, doing the extraordinary with my broken, ordinary, messy self!!! I have a secret and it’s NOT ME! I am just the guide to the 3&Me!

Do you want to pick up a new habit that will transform not just you but everyone around you?? I’m talking nations, generations, the whole world!!! 🦋

Start right here... 📷 below 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 Pick up the book of Proverbs and commit to a #365Rhythm with me every singe day. Today is the 2nd and that is the perfect time to start!!! Why? Becayse it’s not perfect!!!🌟🌟🌟 Because it’s not the 1st and it is even more real starting with me today than it would have been starting with me yesterday! It’s not about the day you start! It’s about starting today! Starting now! Taking action when you feel the nudge and then committing to something even when you don’t want to. Wishing you wanted to... is even a start! So if you don’t want to read with me... wish you did!!!☺️

My goal this year is just to make you wish you wanted it! That is it! Plain and simple.🌟

I don’t want to be a better version of myself... or even the Best version of myself... I want to be completely unrecognizable to what I once was! Who is with me??? And who wishes they were? You are both invited to join me!💖

🌟Comment below🌟 with #3&Me if you want to join me and I’ll be reaching out with next steps!!!❤️❤️