God is Faithful!

Words to Love by...❤️ God is faithful because... This week we were challenged by our church to share on social media our “fill in the blank” to “God is faithful because...”

❤️❤️❤️ This summer has brought me to an even deeper transition and transformation through following God’s lead deeper into the calling He has put on my heart. “To live a life guiding others to live a life Contagious with Hope, Joy, Faith & Grace.” I embraced this calling when I went back to School to get my certification as a Life & Health coach. As a family we have been on a journey to share the call God has placed on each of our hearts and in the process He has completely transformed our family, our community, our schedule, our work, ...our 365 Rhythm!💫💫💫💫 I get to live my purpose and pour into the people God puts in my path in a way that fuels me! I am filled with a joy and a hope only He could orchestrate. Today was the first day of school for my daughter... at Home!🤩 I think this has been my biggest surprise. I always said, I was to be a homeschool Mom. Though Life took me a different way. With the work schedule I carried, there was no way to do both. Yet God made it clear this summer that it was time and it was not too late. God is faithful and remembers the desires of your heart!!! ❤️ ~God’s timing is perfect! This morning we began School and it was good! Jordan has also stepped into every ministry God has called us to this summer and is being sharpened by amazing women! Her message is being developed and to have a front row seat is awe inspiring!! Be sure to watch for her this year as she begins to share what God is doing! He is on the move and we are blessed to be dancing in His wake!!! Dare to HOPE!!! 🌟