Words to Love by... the Empty Nest.

Words to Love by...❤️ Maybe there is more to the “Empty Nest” than we think...

“Like a bird that strays far from its nest, So is a person who forsakes his own home.” Proverbs 17:8

To stray - 1. move away aimlessly from a group or from the right course or place. 2. not in the right place; separated from the group or target.

What separates us from our home? Is it possible to live or should I say sleep... (and studies show that is even difficult for so many!!) in a place and call it home, though not really feel home? Do this test with me. Shut everything down. The phone, the tv, radio, all electronic devices connected to anything outside and plug into the sounds, the smells, the colors, the fabrics, the walls, the people and creatures 🐶 of Home. How do you feel? Can you feel rest, peace, replenishment within these walls? Do you love coming home? Do you feel separated from this space? Just notice what comes up. Have you strayed so far from home in the pursuit of even having a home? There are so many perspectives to this exercise, though worthy of the unpack! 🤔

To forsake - abandon, desert, leave, leave high and dry, turn ones back on, cast aside, break (up) with. 2. More jilt, strand, leave stranded, leave in the lurch, throw over; informal walk out on, run out on, dump, ditch.

There are some pretty harsh phrases in here regarding forsake. What does it all really mean to forsake your own home? Is it the building, the contexts, the people? A little or a lot of all??? Next time you are walking out the door of your home, turn back... turn towards... look over your shoulder and leave with your intension for what you desire to live there, how you desire to live there. Walk out the door with a sense of not leaving it behind, with knowing it really matters. How you live in your home really matters. How you and your family feels when you walk back in really matters. We could go even deeper and ask.... What really is Home? ~that is a question for another time, for now let’s keep in this space.😍

If you feel you have strayed and/or forsaken your home or those within... turn back and get your house in order. There is no more worthy time spent well, than to get our house in order. I know a time when I spent so much of my life outside my home, thinking I was doing it for everyone in my home... but it took me away and when I was even home my presence was robbed of that moment. I needed a total reboot of my systems!! Can you relate?? There are multiple ways to do things... look for ways that allow you to keep your nest and your home together. And remember... small changes in the light of a clear vision can move the needle forward and that is beautiful. ~It’s ok to go slow just stay the course!!❤️❤️