Words to Love by... Find your Voice!

Words to Love by... ❤️ Find Your Voice! It’s really that simple. We all have a purpose, a message, a mission... but we don’t all seek it, pursue it... live it. What is standing in the way, blocking that voice from express? Fear, Anxiety, Programming, Lack of confidence??? Acknowledgment is a start, to loosen the grip of these shackles!! Light always pushes away darkness. We must feel those emotions first to earn the right to steal their power. It is easy to numb and stuff the emotions deep, but they are of no use to us in the dark!! In the light those emotions birth existence of an artistic talent only realized through the flame they hold! Let the heat within you burst forth with a voice to set this world on Fire!🔥 We all have this! Every one of us! The reason people stand out is because the majority are sitting... not speaking... ~Let’s grow! ❤️❤️❤️