Words to Love by... Identity.

Words to Love by... ❤️ What’s in your hand? “To whom much is given... much is expected!!” Am I using my mental ability to “make history or merely record history?” ~the Magic of Thinking Big. We store facts inside our brain & tidbits that seem impressive but are filling up & occupying space that is better off used for thinking? Thinking!!💡Are we taking time to think?? Pause and think about this!! 🤔Thinking on things that truly 🧠matter!🧠 It is said in business that we are paid based on the problems we can solve. Do you want to get paid to solve $10 problems... $1000 problems, $10,000... ??? If you master the art of solving problems, and more importantly, become a catalyst to help other people solve their own problems, a catalyst to get other people to think!!!😃 Tap into your personal Creativity, use your brain for what it is designed for... To THINK!!! You can do the work you long for!! There is a reason that so many have a crisis Mid Life!! I believe it is an Identity Crisis!! And rightly so, every alarm should be going off in you if you are not living the life that was designed for you!! He came so we would have Life and have it abundantly. 🌈 If this isn’t your current reality, then it’s time to pause and dig in deep to find your true IDENTITY!! Do you know that Studies show there is much competition for jobs solving the $10 problems and much needed help at the other end??? How will you use the most technologically advanced system ever created and has been given to you??? 🧠🧠🧠 It is true that we don’t value what we don’t invest in. I think that is why so many miss this!! Start investing today in what you already have to bridge the gap between your perceived reality to the victorious life planned for you!! 🌟🌟🌟