Words to Love by... Words

Words to Love by... Let not your words be “prickly.” How refreshing life would be if we could just practice this one proverb!! Words can build up or they can tear down. How can our words build the home you so desire to live in!! It begins with noticing, catching when we feel our spikes out and our words sizzle as we speak, then once noticing... it takes refraining from allowing the fester to spew out of the mouth and to hold the tounge instead. How difficult this can be, but how worth it. Even the fool seems smarter when he keeps his mouth shut. Sometimes we best just keep our mouths shut! Last it takes intention to instead allow words of life, healing balm and encouragement to burst forth building up and celebrating life! It's a daily journey, a daily practice, a daily decision worth letting your Words to Love by fill a word in need of much!