Words to Love by... Only takes a spark!

❤️Words to Love by... How do you navigate when you can’t even see through the flooded black curtains that hang in your sight? Take a step... even when you have just been hit so hard it’s not possible to breathe much less stand?? Yes, step anyway. We play the what if story as a movie 🎥 ...What if I had said this, done this, changed that... there is no way to prepare ourselves for some things. No way to expect that could ever happen, would ever happen, until it does... and then the mind expands to encompass something you never signed up for and now you must go through. What if I don’t really want to? What if this is more than my ability to deal??? You get up... it’s as if rising from a swamp with all the weedy goo clinging to you. There is no way to wash yourself of it, to get rid of the aroma you exude. You have to wear this covering while inside you just want a bath so it all goes away... yet you hear the voice... “You can’t get out of it, you have to go through it.” I remember hearing that voice and I thought... but I don’t want to go through it. I will do anything but have to go through this, yet He refines me to change one word in the command to “grow.” Ugh... more suffering leads way to more character. I don’t want more character.😩 I’m really good at being a character!!🤪 Sigh... 😔 How to keep the internal at peace so I can think when surrounded with adversity and all hope is fleeting... ~it’s FLEETING!!! The fire inside... 🔥 I think I’ve lost it... will I ever feel a flame again? It’s there!! Ask for it... Seek for it... Fuel it... How do I fuel it?? With breath, keep breathing, keep wanting, keep pursuing... keep expecting... Expecting?? Expecting what? “the turn” The Turn?!? That place in the story where you feel the shift! 🌟Walking in expectation of the turn while in the belly of dark.🌟 There it is!!! 💥Did you feel it? It’s where the music changes and you decide! 🎁 There is the hope spoken of... the emotion felt when there should be no human reason to feel... anything, much less HOPE! So you move anyway... towards the adversity with a shift in mindset! This is where transformation happens! 🦋 Where dreams are made, wounds are healed, evil is conquered!!! It only takes a spark 💥 to fuel an inferno! And if that’s all you can rub together... OK! Keep getting up, showing up, standing up. Adversity shows up to give your story a platform to be raised up. Step up on it, be lifted higher catching that reflection of light that does not disappoint! Hope! The great diffuser of chaos, angst, adversity and fear. Breeding... Faith, Grace, Creativity, Opportunity and Joy. Choose Hope, anyway and let your spark IGNITE! 🔥🔥🔥