Words to Love by... LOVE.

Words to Love by...

I love Beauty and the Beast!!

❤️Love❤️ How well you are loved, many times is a direct reflection on how well you love. As adults we come to the table with history... programming from our past, so many times how someone loves reflects what has been poured into their heart in the past. What if when someone doesn’t love you the way you expect, the way you hope... you got curious instead of frustrated? How could that matter to your soul? What if, they were loving you the best they know how? Your response in how you love them back... could matter to how they may be able to love in the future? ~a catalyst to beauty!! I remember a time when I was getting it “handed to me.” I listened... I was slow to speak, I didn’t show frustration or anger, I didn’t speak much at all, just allowed the rant. I also found I didn’t need to allow it to penetrate me... it was more about the person than me. I’ve practiced how to take myself out and look in. Most “blow ups” reveal truth. So what if you got curious as to what is being revealed in the others blow out? Never in my wildest imagination did I think this person would come back and pick up from where we left off with an apology and share how my response... in staying peaceful and offering love allowed a reflection of self that was needed to move forward. It wasn’t about me... it’s usually not. I hear a lot... “I’m so disappointed in this person!” What if we expected people will disappoint? Not in a morbid depressing way... but in a “you can breathe with me way??” What if this Season we just practiced our side of the love share... without expectation of gain... “I love you and there is NOthing you can do about it!” ❤️