Words to Love by... Do you need a Detangler?

Words to Love by... I remember as I got older and started gaining more responsibility in helping put up the🎄Christmas tree🎄there was a job that became mine... Can you guess what it was? It was as if my lap grew a pile of twisted tangled up mess of Christmas twinkle. 🙈🙃🙈 If I asked my Mom what was the best part about having this web of Christmas clutter... she would joyfully say, “Handing it over to you!!” ❤️😂❤️ Did you know who the largest Super market in the UK hires full time every year for the holidays??? ~a “Light detangler!!”🤩 Pastor Kenny told us all about it last night at the amazing “Voices of Christmas” production! ~First Baptist Arnold They hire a light detangler so when their customers come into shop, lights are dropped off to this person and at NO CHARGE to the customer, they get to come back to their neatly organized lights so they can go back home and “deck the halls!!!”🎄 🎄🎄I would for certain shop there if I had a mess on my hands with my lights!!! So where do we go when we have a tangled up mess in life? Anyone in need of a “Life Detangler?” There is Someone you can turn it all over to, just the way it is, no shopping required!! ~and He will not just detangle it, He will transform that mess into Majesty? 👑 This is what the miracle of this season offers! That is why grown men in the middle of the night followed a 🌟 in Hope that there was an answer, a solution to something they could not fix on their own. I took my tangled up mess and handed it over to my Life detangler and what I got back was more than just a cleaned up version of the old tangle I gave Him... it was a newly transformed, infused with sparks of light Life that I could not have imagined on my own! ~and that was just the beginning of an on going journey that has truly turned out to be, the ride of my life! If you have a mess on your hands... turn it over and He will make your paths straight. Seek out the Christmas miracle you so desire... follow the sparks of light that point you to the One who can... make your whole LIFE and make you Life WHOLE!!