Words to Love by... Do you need a Firefighter?

Words to Love by... There are some pictures that you see and without narrative the story plays through your heart bursting forth a river of tears that cannot quench the appetite of its flames. How do I get through a fire when it surrounds... consumes? What will even be left if I survive... the stench lingers, the char stains, the reminder of flicker ever quakes within and the ashes remain. You cannot always escape the fire... it’s sometimes something to go through. It takes courage to get “through” pain, fear, the reality that this is actually happening and regardless of why it is upon you, your action is calling. We never know the flames others are facing, sometimes so fierce they are shown to the world and some are knit so deep inside, it takes digging in to feel the heat. People need people to get through the infernos of life! Show up!! I saw this week. This reminds me of a time a young teenage courageous encourager showed up for someone and it mattered. She didn’t allow one more moment to go by in someone else’s fire without putting on her boots and mask and running towards the flames... knowing full well she could get burned. Do you have firefighters surrounding you who will be with you through your fire? Are you a firefighter who believes, “battles cannot be won by one person alone, they are won by armies standing together leaving no one behind.” ~part from a message sent in rescue. Love well today and know the fire that surrounds cannot penetrate the soul refined by its flame, offering what’s left to rise out of the ashes... back to Eden.