Words to Love by... Butterfly journey.

Words to Love by... It's a Butterfly journey.

About 6 years ago... during a quite time, I was shown there was a transformation coming. I love new beginnings and I embrace change, growth and opportunity. I’m like a little girl on Christmas morning, excited to find out what’s next! It was in the midst of transition that I was reminded... as the smooth sails hit turbulent waters... it’s a butterfly journey I’m on. I am fascinated with butterfly’s! The most intriguing part of the butterfly’s story to me is it’s journey to wings! The Struggle! It is real ~there is always a struggle. That is how strength is birthed. That is how character is formed. That is where Hope is restored. The struggle is difficult not only to the one inside the cocoon, also to the ones watching... those who cannot physically go inside the struggle or it’s wings will never fly. There is only One who can be invited inside and the rest will observe, ignore, heckle or champion. We are all somewhere in this story. The painting shown here was done by a hero of mine... Who stretched my understanding of struggle. She invited in the One who made all the difference and with His help, the hecklers, the ignorers and the observers cannot penetrate her... though because they watch her fly now they want more. We can be a Champion of Life. We can grow through the struggle and get our wings or we can be part of the darkness that contracts the light! Where are you today? Where is your brother, your sister in the journey. You can choose to be an encourager or to be encouraged... I promise, wherever you are, You are standing on Holy ground, right smack dab in the middle of a story that matters!