Words to Love by... LOVE!

Words to Love by... LOVE.

What is it to Love? What is it to be Loved? To Love others as I have been loved? To Love others as I want to be loved? To Love my neighbor as myself? To love with a childlike devotion? To love with deep passion? To love beyond all expectations? To love sacrificially? What if... What if I love and it is for not??? What if I love and I lose?? What if I love, I invest me, I give me, and I lose me? LOVE IS PATIENT... How is patience showing up in my life? Not patience when it’s easy... patience when I know what needs to happen, that one thing that would change everything and it’s not happening, yet it consumes... choose to surrender to it, open up the possibility it will happen another way, or the way I know... just in a different time frame and I keep breathing through the process with gratitude anyway. LOVE IS KIND... Are my words kind? What about my thoughts? How can I be kind, especially when my frustrations of life are festered... my smile may look more like a sneer. Be calm & gentle....caring. IT DOES NOT ENVY... When is the last time I felt that flush of envy? How can I turn that brew into a joy bubble of celebration over the person who has something I wish I had, who is living the life I’m working towards, who attracts the things I so desire and who is filled with the joy, confidence and the peace I dream of? To remember when I’m fueled by envy... I will praise them. I will show appreciation for the gifts they share and transform before my own eyes... from within. IT DOES NOT BOAST... Maybe not a boaster?? so I dig deeper... Am I holding my thoughts, my ways, my reasons above? Can I hear another’s view above the noise of my own? I celebrate in the understanding of their varied belief to mine. The ability to connect to someone vastly different than me. IT IS NOT PROUD... now that is a hard one right, Isn’t it ok to be proud? We are to say that to others... to encourage, to love I thought. What is proud? In context, it means to be puffed up. To be bigger than Life, a false sense of who we are, losing reality... so proud that to be reached is difficult. ~Untouchable, Unreachable, Insulated and fueled by Air. IT DOES NOT DISHONOR OTHERS... What if they are dishonorable? It does not dishonor others. Even when... (you fill in the blank.) I must catch my word before it’s released, better yet... catch my thought and turn it to thoughts of good, of blessing of praise even for the person of adverse. THROW THAT LIST OF WRONGS AWAY... just toss it out. It doesn’t count. In a culture where the “gotcha game” is so ramped up, this is almost impossible. Our culture is to look for the wrong within vs raising up the good the beautiful and the lovely. Here’s a reality check... we all fall short, we all have darkness within, Expect the disappointment and dig for the Glory! LOVE DOES NOT REJOICE IN EVIL BUT IN TRUTH. I desire to know truth, I’m a seeker of truth. To know truth, to learn how to find truth... gives a peace nothing can rob. IT ALWAYS PROTECTS... to be a safe haven for others... Are others safe with me? Can they come to me as a shelter even when they have fallen? I want to make others feel safe just because I am near. ALWAYS TRUSTS... What is it to trust? How do I trust what is untrustworthy? I am to trust the loving, the act of loving. So if I love even what disappoints, I trust that the loving matters regardless of the outcome. ALWAYS HOPES... like Pollyanna? Just like her, and even when she gets discouraged the ripples she sent out fills her infirmary with a healing hope that gives way to miracle. That is what Hope offers! ALWAYS PERSEVERES... When have I tried enough? There is never “enough” with love. Never!!! How many more times do I, can I do this... try this? This question is not on the map of Love. I can never, No not ever stop!!! I Love you and there is nothing you can do about it! And this is why LOVE NEVER FAILS! It’s the only thing that can be seen in the darkness!