Words to Love by... Frolic!

Words to Love by... Frolic! How often do you Frolic with your spouse? Your kids? Your besties? “And you will go out and frolic like well-fed calves." Malachi 4:2. I was curious what it means to be a “well fed calf.” I loved Pastor Dans explanation from his Grace notes blog... “In the spring, the calves would go out on fresh pasture and would leap and run for joy. When you saw them there was no way to keep a smile from breaking out on your face. After a long cold winter the freshness, the new life, the warmth of being bathed in sunlight just took over and there was no other choice but to celebrate. There are times in life when we go through long cold times, times when it seems all there is around you is death and decay. It is after these times that new life can spring forth, new hope, new joy at the sight of new growth.” So why not set up an opportunity for inevitable success where you have no other choice but to celebrate!! We were able to do this over Thanksgiving. We were set up to have one of the toughest holidays ever, the first one without my Dad... Instead we gathered together and allowed joy to penetrate our hearts, sharing such love and fun in working together to create a beautiful meal. We worked together all afternoon and enjoyed the journey so fully. We truly had a Hallmark Thanksgiving. The Joy of the Lord is truly our strength! So try a Little Frolic with those you love and see how it fuels your heart with glee! It’s contagious!!! #WordstoLoveby #HealthBeat365 #hope #love #bettertogether #hoperestored #frolic #joy #chooselife #choosejoy #livehappy