Words to Love by... Fall.

Words to Love by... If there is one thing I have learned on this land it's that there is so much more to every thing! Always!!! I have been labeled as, just "so deep" by a multitude of family and friends... My Dad would say that all the time... and there are so many more layers than I can even begin to understand! I love that His thoughts are above my thoughts and His ways are above my ways! Look around at the beauty that surrounds us!! St. Louis showcases the beauty of Fall amazingly well! What a blessing... ~He paints the leaves reflecting His beauty in the passing of life through death. WOW! Have you ever really thought about that!?! The crisp crinkle underfoot reminds me of how He makes good for those who love Him. He will not fail! Sometimes we can't see it, we don't feel it, where can I find it??? Seeking so desperately for answers, for guidance, for a sliver of hope. Hope! That's all it takes right, a mere spark of Hope that does not disappoint. Just notice, as a ray of light peers through... You can feel it ~ HOPE! The Light pushes back the darkness, able to pierce even the most distant heart turned. As you embrace the cool breeze of Fall, the vibrant colors on the hill, dancing leaves across your hair, crackles underfoot and the scent of pine bursting forth from the forest... Remember, "He made beautiful things" and if He went to all this in this one season, How much more will He do through the creation knit inside your mothers womb?