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Words to Love by...

Words to Love by... Come to the table and eat together. As we prepare for the feast, let's remember why... Relationships. A place to gather and belong, express thanksgiving and so much more than the pictures we post... it's the hearts behind the smiles that matter. Let us really connect this Thanksgiving, listen to one another and Love in the way that will nourish more than our bodies. It was customary in the early church to eat together when there was a desire to grow in relationship. Don't miss the meal that is being prepared for you and the chance to, "relate" to those at your table. Relate - to make or show connection between. It's sometime we get "to do" and many of us get to do that tomorrow! Let's make the meal matter! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours ~and know, there is always room at our table...


St. Louis, MO, USA

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