Words to Love by... Change.

Words to Love by... As Brendan Burchard said in the book I am relishing, "...seeking change always requires a touch of insanity." This kid, JD Mette, amazes me in his ability to step outside his comfort zone and explore his talents! There is no holding him back! To think even from the time he was knit within, he was cautious. When he just learned to walk, I went to place his feet in the grass and his legs lifted up in a seating position as if there were a pulley system raising his legs up the closer he got to the ground. Seriously strong abs!! Every toy was in order, he approached life with acknowledgment and intrigue... bathed in the perspective of... "if in doubt, wait it out!" I remember thinking, we are going to have to push him into situations that get him out of his comfort zone, allowing him to embrace spontaneous exploration and find joy in change... otherwise he will not grow to the fullness of who He has been planted here to be! Watching him on the Improve stage last night gives me splendor in the beauty of transformation! Action brings about change... and how I have watched him change, grow and inspire! When you step out, you not only live a life of transformation yourself... you inspire others who may be in a holding pattern, to step out too and explore their own gift of insanity. ~ just a dab'll do!