Words to Love by... Pursuit.

Words to Love by... Possibly the most beautiful words ever spoken... "Where are you?" Words spoken in pursuit of salvation. Words spoken in pursuit of community, love, inclusion, hope, vision embrace. When you move towards someone who has hurt you and you do it bathed in a love that can cover over the pain, cover over the wrong, cover over the ugly and you choose to step into the mess of the story... WOW... think about that! You cannot step into someone else's mess without getting messy too. That is where He found me and still pursues me. I need someone to pursue me, how about you? It is the ultimate gift to give someone. Love others no matter what they have done in a way that will transform. Love covers over. Love conquers all. Love is the greatest. I am enough, not because of what I have done or the great idea I came up with today. I used to place my worth there... If I did a good job, I was worthy of love. If I messed up, I was not. ~This is exhausting! You can never be or do enough to stay filled up. "I am enough not because of me but because of "He." No matter how many mistakes I make, and I continue to fall... He pursues me!!! He makes all things good because I love Him and I cannot hide beyond where He will come and find me. True FREEDOM!