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Words to Love by... History.

Words to Love by... History.

I "experienced the "Diary of Anne Frank" last night at our son and daughters high school. My son played the part of the store keeper, it was perfectly suited for his heart. So many impactful scenes! What a journey... every part! The encore was striking... that is the picture you see here. Not the typical you would see as the cast receives its standing ovation though appropriately administered. There is an enemy we face... and the evil is also within. We all fall short. Taking a journey into one another's heart and showing empathy... the good, the bad and the ugly. Acknowledgement of the struggle. The struggle of survival, truth, justice... the struggle to be useful, used fully, matter. The struggle to control ~ to conform ~ to be transformed.

Anne was just 13 when she started her diary. She was a blossoming flower in a dark dark place, conforming was not her natural bent. Restless and Hope-filled. I will never fully know the struggle these families faced... they share their stories through the pages of history fueling acknowledgement. This allows me connection to something more... Anne desired to make an impact beyond her days and she did it from a hidden space... through written pages in a diary left to be thrown out and forgotten. That burning desire within her goes beyond the circumstance, the reality, the grave. What is hidden in the pages of your history? What bursts forth in you from the Annex of darkness? "Take a lesson from history and let not your circumstance define, you define your circumstance?"