Words to Love by... "Clearing the Clutter!"

Words to Love by... "Out of the heart the mouth speaks and those words can bubble up from water deep within. So how is your drinking water? I was challenged by my confidant to do a "fast" from something for a short time that brought me to a new level of intention this week that mattered. How many times a day do you google? Yes! You guessed it!! I did a "Google fast." So I could not search google, I had to go directly to the website I needed something from, which meant I had to know it. If I had a question, I had to either know where to go to find it or ask someone for help. Asking for help... how often do we do that anymore since the invention of "smart phones?" Facebook was part of my fast as well, so I had to be "intentional" about why I was going there and who I wanted to connect with for a purpose. No mindless surfing and losing precious creativity lost in the minutia of postings that may take me here and there like the wind with no real purpose. Even just a quick checking on who "loved" something I posted to give me a that quick "dopamine surge" which can pour into a sense of worth!

I also added in turning off the extra "noise" during this time, as I am always putting, "good stuff in" from pod casts... which is great, I just also need to give my brain some time to process!! It took me all of a half a day to teach me and remind me of some things I needed and I was able to adjust the lens I was looking through to make an impact! I realized just how many times I go to google vs thinking... THINKING!! How much time a day do I stop and "think without external input" and allow creativity to flow? I do that a lot in my quiet time, though I found that there is so much more throughout the day that I could tap into as well! When I need, want or am in search for something, who or what do I go to First? My God, my spouse, my family, my friends, a source I know can help or do I jump on google? I'll tell you what, Google and Facebook are so easy to access... even with my intentions are not thinking those sources are my great influencers... it was so much more than I gave it credit! And the dangers of those sources... they KNOW me! ~and the KNOW you! So when I get an answer from google... it is bent to me... bent to my likes, my questions about life, my struggles tied to "their intention" of how to lead me through, lead me to, lead me... You can get virtually any answer that you want there and it will support you with gusto, whatever agenda you choose to believe and you can find a tribe to support that perspective with a multitude of related content.

How do I get any objectivity or push back to make me better? To challenge the things I need to see differently?? I believe this is becoming more and more difficult in our culture and how we seek is part of it. This is why, what we are drinking matters! Now, I'm not saying that I don't want to celebrate Life with my Facebook friend's fun posts and high five their awesome pics... supporting their journey!! What I am saying is that doing this was a good reminder for me that I don't want to become like a ping pong ball that is directed back and forth by someone else's agenda. I want to have real wisdom bubbling up deep from within so that I know when to turn right or left because the answers, the principles, the values are part of who I am. With just a couple days of intentionally clearing out the social media and Google clutter, I was able to get some things done creatively that have been weighing on me for years, like launching my website with an actual blog!

What is in your water? Do some water tests to identify the contents in your glass and if you need to clean it up, seek out the right filter and draw up water that gives Life! #WordstoLoveby #HealthBeat365 #growthmindset #mindset #hope #life #wellness #wisdom #health #livinghealthy #youmatter #makingmomentsmatter