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Words to Love by... Love

Words to Love by... If you need a reminder today, here it is! You cannot "do" to get this Love, it is already yours. Breathe in and Breathe out and know that this Love surpasses all doings, all servings, all mistake makings, all understanding... Wow! This is something I know, I have experienced, I have lived for many years and this week, it's like hearing it for the first time! So how do you let go and be held by a Love that is everlasting, that is always "for you" no matter how far you fall... you practice. I practice daily... intentionally, intensely, with thanksgiving that He's got me, He loves me and there is NOTHING I can DO about it! Praise God!!! #WordstoLoveby #hope #love #thekindoflovethatmatters #grace #everlasting #joy #gratitude #lifecoach #life


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