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Words to Love by... Nourishment

How are you getting nourished? My family is in the construction field and I have seen the dumpster dance on various job

sites and commercial properties we have owned for years! What I know is if you don't fill up the dumpster you are paying for with your own "intentional" use... someone else will! You need to get ahead of the other guy by filling it up first!!! This relates to our mind as well... if I am not intentional about what I put in... the "world" is ready with a truckload of trash just looking for an empty vessel to fill! Be sure the nutrients you choose have rich value and density! You are carrying a wealth of value that matters! #WordstoLoveby #Shannon Mette #donotconform #betransformed #mindset #hope #beareader #youmatter # makeanimpact #hope #HealthBeat365


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